The Mission, Vision and Goals of S.O.S. ll  Ministries

center Upon FULFILLING

The Great Commission...

" Go ye therefore and teach..."


The Great Commandment..."Love the Lord thy God...

and love thy neighbor..."


Unify Church Ministry


The local churches will come together as one. . . To help the community know who Jesus is, learn what the Holy Spirit feel like, Being grateful for His Grace​,  seeing or hearing what the Father has in store for you after a Prayer.
Word Of God Counseling

We believe that unresolved spiritual issues are the root cause of most of the problems that we have in our lives and that once these spiritual issue are resolved through prayer and the leading of the holy spirit, the problems will cease to exist.

Food/Clothe's Ministry

Our outreach will connect with those of our community who are in need of Love, Hope & Encouragement by provide nutritional foods, clothes, and emergency help;

while at the same time addressing their physical and spiritual needs. The WHOLE person must be taken care, before you can truly lead someone to Jesus Christ.

      Men's Ministry

​Purpose driven discipleship, and spiritual opportunities that get men saved (salvation); disciple men in Christ (discipleship); equip men to fight (lead and serve); motivate men to reach more men (witness); and teach men how to love (God and Family).

Women's Ministry

Every women has her own unique Virtuous Woman living within and every woman needs to connect and open up to her higher and wiser self. We are all truly unique spirits living to praise God for his strength, power, and guidance as we attempt to humbly serve him.

Parent's Relief Program

Christian Providing Relief...could save your life. By unifying children into age-appropriate WORSHIP where they can BELONG to the family of God, GROW in their relationship with Christ, learn to SERVE and then ​go SHARE Christ in play and activities. Children are gifts and instruments from God and must be treated with ​Love, Care, and Respect ! ! !
Teen's Ministry

Teens who don't mind showing the world how to live the kingdom life.

They support one another and enjoy many opportunities to explore their spirituality through social outing and learn to fellowship and pray.

The focus of this group is a spiritual community of light, love, and laughter.

  Upcoming Ministries

Establish a Elderly Assisted/Affordable Housing Program to include

Senior Center and Fellowship Hall.

​​Establish a Day Program for the Elderly.

 Establish Transportation to doctors appointments, grocery, medicine pick-up,etc.

Establish Ministry for Mentally Challenged Individuals